Foto Caspar Pessers / Founder & Director
Foto Anne Doorn / Office Manager
Foto Marco Bisschop / BU Manager Beers & Ciders
Foto Jara van der Kroon / BU Manager Waters & Confectionery
Foto Daniel van Raamsdonk / Int Business Far East & Oceania
Foto Maarten van de Ven / Int Business West Europe & Americas
Foto Olaf Post / Int Business Waters & Confectionery
Foto Arno Zielhorst / Int Business Far East
Foto Sylvia van der Horst / Int Business East Europe & UAE
Foto Peter Suijker / Head of Finance
Foto Sisy Cheng / Logistics & Backoffice
Foto Xinxin Liu / Logistics & Backoffice


In our never ending ambition to grow and become the most preferred wholesale & trading company worldwide, we are always looking for bright, professional and entrepreneurial people to strengthen our team.

Please feel free to send an email to:

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